Meet Indrea Gordon

Indrea Gordon is the dynamic, purposeful and creative visionary behind the Quad Clothing Company and Kiddy Quad, formal wear and ready to wear for women and girls, as well as the Indulge Body Care­­­­­­ line for the entire family. These are fashion collections and beauty lines that are seeking to take the fashion and beauty industry by storm.
A highly sought-after designer with clients across the country, Indrea’s primary focus is creating fashions for women that make a statement without saying a word, whenever they enter a room. Her designs are known for their unique style, mixed with unusual fabrics worn by savvy, sophisticated and selective fashion forward female entrepreneurs and influencers, including some well-known celebrities in film television and music. Enhancing a woman or girl’s self-esteem when they know they are wearing a flawless custom design created just for them, is also of high motivation for Indrea.
In addition to being an award-winning designer who has been recognized as designer of the year at the Lake Charles, LA Fashion Week, as well as designer of the year for the Louisiana Raw Artist competition, Indrea has recently added the IN’etwork Business Coaching Firm LLC, which is a coaching firm that focuses on female entrepreneurs who lack business acumen and sales. Indrea prides herself on helping these women properly structure and launch their businesses so they can explode in the market place.
Indrea is very purposeful with her business. Not only is she a supporter and encourager of young entrepreneurs, she also leverages her platforms as a designer, business coach, author and entrepreneur, to bring awareness, opportunities and resources to individuals with disabilities.
A regular participant of New York Fashion Week in September and February, Indrea understands the importance of merging both her knowledge as a designer and expertise as a business coach to aspiring designers in the industry of fashion and business abroad. As author of Fashionably Speaking “Clean Up Your Life So Your Business Can Soar”. Indrea’s companies continue to grow at rapid rates attracting media coverage from fashion and business media around the country, including Isabella Magazine, Fox, Atlanta Business Radio, MarketWatch, Yahoo, CBS, etc.
A native of Crowley, La. who grew up in Monterey, Ca. Indrea now resides in Atlanta, Ga. with her children.
Always looking to take her business to the next level, she continues to grow her businesses through producing events, speaking engagements, fashion shows and more.
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